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Episode 3

Episode 3 - Achieving Best Practice Board Performance

Published on: 15th February, 2021

Episode 03 - Achieving Best Practice Board Performance

Duration: 0:34:16
0:00:00 Introduction
0:02:00 Welcome Peter
0:02:09 How do directors add value as individuals and as a Board?
0:07:25 What are the Seven Golden Rules for directors?
0:10:16 GGA Ad: Find your local Grower Group
0:10:37 Why is questioning a key skill for directors?
0:15:52 What are the key elements of Leadership at Board level?
0:20:17 Podcast Sponsor: CBH Group Ad
0:20:58 What is the role of the board in achieving a strong culture?
0:27:13 GGA Ad: GGA Calendar Ad
0:27:53 Network Question: In NFP how do we ensure that the value of a skills based Board of Directors (or committee) are seen as the valuable asset they are by the operational team or staff?
0:30:20 How do you assist staff in seeing the committee/board as a valuable asset?
0:33:31 Wrap-up
40+ POWERFUL QUESTIONS – by Peter Fitzpatrick
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